Online Dating Profile Help!


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Online dating profiles are difficult due to lack of examples and tips available when you are putting it together.

Do you recall meeting your roommate’s hot friend? The one who you gave a really bad first impression because they literally walked into you at “your worst moment”? This can also happen when someone stumbles through your online dating profile. You may have put something together on the whim and didn’t think  much about it until you realize you haven’t gotten any messages.

I don’t blame you. No one is versed in advertising themselves in this manner. If you were a pro at this, then you have bigger problems to worry about. The closest you may have come to putting together an online dating profile is a professional resume or a social networking site.

After reviewing several hundreds of profiles, I can offer some tips to enhance

1) Three words, “You, You, and You!”

The profile is not about your cousin who seems to get dates all the time. It isn’t about who you are trying to attract. You! Write about you. What do you want people to know about you? What is important to you? What do you enjoy? What do you dislike? All of these are great examples for online dating profiles.

2) Proper Grammar

Use proper punctuations and grammar. We have a tendency to become lax with our grammar simply because it is on the Internet. Take the time and write properly.

3) Be honest!

The last thing you want is to mislead your potential by jazzing up who you are. If you don’t like sports, say so! If you prefer a relaxing evening at home watching movies over hanging out at a lounge, express it! There is nothing wrong with your preference. You don’t want to start a relationship through deception. What you may think is important to you may not be so to others.

4) Be interesting!

Write about something that people think is interesting about you. Do you have something interesting about yourself that is unique? Write about it!

5) Be concise!

Even though some of these profiles have max limit of several thousands of characters, be succinct. You do not need to pour out your whole life story in your profile. You may come off as long winded or egotistic! Last thing you want is for someone to message you and ask for cliff notes!