eHarmony Password Security Breach


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eHarmony didn’t get as much exposure to their password leak as Linkedin but eHarmony revealed in their own blog. They gave very little information as to how many users were compromised but assure that they have reset the accounts of those who has been impacted and a message has been sent to reset passwords.

Some tips to avoid losing sleep if your password has been compromised:

1) Never reuse the same password across different sites

Don’t use the same e-mail for that matter! Email accounts are free. Create several and mix them up when signing up for different services. Regarding password, instead of using the same password, use a variant each for each website.

2) Use a complex password

Never create a password with all lower case or all numbers. Mix it up with numbers, letters, caps and such. Come up with a pattern and stick to it.

3) Avoid sites that sends your password via mail

If any site has a password recovery where they send your password in an email, bail!