Jazzed.com Review Part 2



This is part two review for Jazzed.com online dating site by eHarmony. As mentioned last time, Jazzed.com was launched by eHarmony earlier this year in 2011. It’s goal is to match up against the other social online dating sites such as Zoosk and OKCupid while leaving eHarmony its main site gearing towards more serious – traditional online dating consumers.

Following the previous entry, we are asked about another question this time regarding how we like to spend a vacation. More characteristic related questions. If you were someone like me where it really depends on your mood, this would be a difficult question to answer.

Next question is answer some questions below so others can learn about you. You get the select questions below and you will be prompted to fill out answers. Sounds similar to what they have going in eHarmony.

Next you can select which questions you would like to see your potential mates answer. Nothing too spicy here. Very bland if you ask me.
Lastly, you will be given an opportunity to write your headline and your intro paragraph. Your headline should be something eye catchy. Do not put something like “hi” or “hello”. Be creative, put a line from your favorite movie, sports quotes, anything but a boring headline! Your intro paragraph is more complicated. Be honest and clear. Do not ramble or go off on a tangent. Your goal is for the reader to get to know you. There is no point in painting a different person than who you really are. Embrace yourself!

Upon completing this portion, you will be prompted to upload a picture. You are highly advised to upload at least 3 pictures to view other profiles picture gallery. Otherwise, you are restricted to view just one picture. Unlike eHarmony, you do not need to subscribe to view profiles or its pictures which is a great plus. The costs are much lower. For one month subscription, it is $29.95 but if you order 3 month then the price drops to $8.95/month and if 6 months, it drops further down to $5.95/month. Make sure you read the terms and conditions as they auto renew your membership if you do not cancel and you cannot get a refund if you want to cancel your membership early.


Jazzed.com Dating Site Review – Part 1



Jazzed.com launched in April 2011 by eHarmony.com. Their goal is to create a dating site that integrates social media to improve the overall customer experience. They allow you to choose which social media sites you want to connect to such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and YouTube. Jazzed.com requires you to fill out your entire profile which is screened for completeness and to prevent fraudulent accounts.

On its homepage, it gives a very simple form for you to fill out to begin building your profile. What is different about eHarmony is that you are seek same sex partners like www.compatiblepartners.net.
Once in, you are asked simple questions such as first name, confirm location (zip code), ethnicity. You will then be prompted to enter physical features – height, body type, eye and hair color. Next are some habitual questions which are becoming standard in a lot of dating sites such as if you smoke or drink and if so how often. These are questions that may be deal breakers for certain people. Good to get these out of the way. After these you are asked about your education background. Most of these questions allow you to select “I’ll tell you later” but I assume you will need to fill it out sooner or later.

Next you will be asked about what you do for a living. Pretty interesting and wide range of selection here. I guess the unemployed need not apply. Immediately, you will be prompted to enter your income.

jazzed.com occupation

Continue with building your profile. You will be asked about your marital status. Similar to eHarmony, you will not be able to continue if you are currently married. Following this question, you can indicate if you have children or not, if they are with you full / part time or not at your house. Not sure what that would mean. You are also given an opportunity if you want kids or not.

Next is the question about your religion.

At the interests and hobbies section, you are allowed to select as many as possible. I suppose it would increase your chances.


Next is another interesting one. You can answer what best fits you in a social setting. I guess this would be used as part of their matching process. The following two questions are alike in a way.


You are then asked more questions about your likes such as type of movies and how you would like to spend your vacation.

Lastly, you are asked if you have been on other online dating sites before.

I’m having problems with this post so I will continue with part duex!